Sarah Caldwell
April 16, 2013 AT 02:44 PM EDT

In the wake of the tragic events in Boston yesterday, some people were ready to relax with their favorite late-night hosts and some were not. The hosts who aired new shows last night had the difficult task of trying to address the tragedy in a honest and passionate way while also trying to entertain people who just wanted a laugh. Conan O’Brien started his show by saying his ”thoughts and prayers” are with the people of Boston, his hometown. ”That said, it is our job to do a show. We’re gonna try to entertain you the very best we can, which given our track record gives you people a 20 percent chance of having a good show tonight.”

Watch a clip below:

Craig Ferguson gave an impassioned monologue about his memories of Boston. He also talked incredibly candidly about his anger at the violence. ”If I have all of this inside of me, if I have all of this rage and anger and distress and upset inside of me, I’m not good enough of a comedian to hide that from you.”

Jimmy Kimmel, who seemed to have a few tears in his eyes, also said his thoughts were with those in Boston. ”It’s a disgusting thing. I don’t understand it, but my job is to make you laugh and so I will try to do that and I will probably fail. I’m failing already.”

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