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Patton Oswalt pitches 'Star Wars'-Marvel crossover in an epic 'Parks & Recreation' filibuster -- VIDEO



Patton Oswalt guest-stars on this week’s Parks & Recreation as a filibustering Pawnee citizen. The show has just released a nearly nine-minute video showing Oswalt improvising a pitch for Star Wars: Episode VII, and it is a prose-poem of geeky delight, which further burnishes Oswalt’s rep as a burgeoning national treasure. Among other things, the comedian makes a heartfelt and hilarious pitch for linking together the Star Wars and Avengers franchises – because Thanos has the Reality Gem! Don’t forget about the Reality Gem! – while also roadmapping some incredible new developments for Chewbacca. Also, Boba Fett. Also, Moon Knight.

There are so many twists and turns and remarkably off-the-cuff deep-cut references. In nerd terms, Oswalt’s crossover filibuster is like a J. J. Abrams sundae covered in Christopher Nolan sprinkles drowning in Grant Morrison chocolate syrup. Seriously, just watch the video now, and pray Disney signs Oswalt to a 10-picture deal immediately.

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