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Mad Men

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The nuanced plots and subtle themes of Mad Men just wouldn’t be the same if the men and women of Mad Men had the same social-media habits that its viewers are privy to.

With a hilarious use of status updates, shared photos and “likes,” these HappyPlace.com recaps take the quiet momentum of the latest episodes of Mad Men and slap them down in a painfully obvious newsfeed.

Pete Campbell I can’t believe recklessly having sex with my neighbor is backfiring on me!

Megan Draper So then I married my boss, performed a sexy song in French, and finally, a few days ago, I had a miscarriage.

Don Draper (commenting on a flashback photo from Don Draper’s Subconscious) I get why you’re bringing up my creepy prostitute-related backstory right now, but why the hell do I look like Alfafa?

Also, Pete Campbell took a quiz, “Which Mad Men Character Are You?” Guess who he really, really wants to be? (I may have taken a similar quiz, myself.)

But by far, my favorite part of each recap is Matthew Weiner’s “Next week on Mad Men…” sign-off, which strings together a series of incoherent comments that make absolutely no sense together, just like the show’s real montage teasers.

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