Ciara dances for her boyfriend Future in her 'Body Party' clip: Watch |

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Ciara dances for her boyfriend Future in new 'Body Party' video: Watch it here

“Body Party” indeed!

In the new video for the lead single of Ciara’s upcoming fifth album – titled, imaginatively enough, Ciara – the R&B singer goes to a party, meets a handsome young man in a letterman jacket, and dances for him near a fireplace in somebody’s bedroom.

But there’s a twist! That man is in fact Ciara’s actual real-life for-real true-story boyfriend Future, the Atlanta rapper known to his mother as Nayvadius Wilburn! And, furthermore, he actually cowrote the single. Isn’t that fun? Yes, yes it is fun.

And, OK, it’s little bit sexy too. Watch Future get danced at by his girlfriend in Ciara’s “Body Party” video below:!&w=510

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