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April 23, 2013 AT 05:06 PM EDT

Thor was always the wild card in Marvel’s big multi-spinoff gamble. A character drawn out of myth who has spent half his comic-book history fighting monsters with unpronounceable Nordic names, Thor doesn’t have much in common with other superheroes. Casting then-unknown Chris Hemsworth in the lead only added to the uncertainty. But then Thor hit theaters in 2011 and wound up grossing $450 million globally. The character got another boost when his personal nemesis, Loki, became the Big Bad in Avengers. (Meanwhile, Hemsworth kept busy with Snow White and the Huntsman, a lucrative side-franchise where he basically plays Muddy Thor.) Today, the first trailer for November’s sequel Thor: The Dark World appeared online, featuring an expanded look at the Asgardian’s fantasy realm. You can watch it here — and now, let’s dive in, shall we?

Sean P. Diddy Combs: Karl Crutchfield/Ai Wire/NewsCom

The trailer begins, as all trailers must, with an establishing shot of London, while the voice of Sir Anthony Hopkins narrates: “Some believe that before the universe, there was nothing. They’re wrong. There was darkness. And it has survived.”

A few children find a truck, in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse. Let’s take a close look at that name on the truck:

Now, this might just be a throwaway prop. But let’s assume it isn’t for a second, and throw out some somewhat baseless theories! “Norman” could be a clue towards the film’s initial London setting: As we all remember from world history, the Norman Conquest way back in the 11th century brought the Viking-descended Normans to England. Maybe the Normans also brought some Norse-mythology magic with them? A second clue: The name “Emerson.” Remember the bad-guy Frost Giants from the first Thor? Well, in Thor’s comic-book mythology — and, well, actual mythology — the very first Frost Giant was named Ymir. Could “Emerson” = “Ymir’s son?” Will the Frost Giants be back in Thor 2? Yeesh, were there any left after Thor 1?

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