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'Hatchet III' exclusive: Check out the horror sequel's new trailer -- GRUESOME: ADULT CONTENT AND NSFW

Hatchet 3 Poster

(Dark Sky Films)

Few recent filmmakers have more enthusiastically, or more bloodily, embraced the mantle of horror director than Adam Green whose Hatchet franchise details the gore-drenched ways of swamp-dwelling maniac Victor Crowley. Indeed, 2010’s unrated Hatchet II made headlines when the AMC cinema chain pulled the movie from screens after just a couple of days.

Has that brouhaha prompted the filmmaker to tone down the mayhem featured in his slasher saga? Apparently not, judging by the new, extremely violent, and detached body part-featuring trailer for the also unrated Hatchet III, which was penned by Green and directed by BJ McDonnell.

Hatchet III stars Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, and Zach Galligan and is theatrically released June 14. But you can exclusively see the new trailer below – we would suggest you not do so while eating lunch.

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