Jess Cagle
April 26, 2013 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Binge-watching is the most fun you can have with comfortable pants on. I still remember my first time: It was 2004, during a holiday week off, and I popped the first season of 24 into my DVD player. All I remember about Christmas Day that year is Jack Bauer getting a print off the severed thumb of a bad guy.

Bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived, I finished off the first, second, and third seasons, and by the time New Year’s Eve rolled around, I was too tired to leave the house, exhausted from so much instant gratification, and certain that there was no way a New Year’s Eve party could compete with the orgy of great TV I had just experienced. In this issue, EW’s Dan Snierson goes behind the scenes of Arrested Development, the brilliant cult comedy that’s being revived and designed to be binge-watched; you’ll be able to instantly stream all 15 episodes on Netflix starting May 26. And we’ve included a guide to the best binge-watching — a rundown of irresistible shows for every occasion, whether you’re bingeing on the treadmill, during a family vacation, or just killing time while under house arrest — which is the optimal situation for knocking off the millions of episodes of Doctor Who.

Meanwhile, if you’re in Los Angeles in the near future, come see us at the first annual Entertainment Weekly CapeTown Film Festival in conjunction with American Cinematheque, where we’ll be entertaining thousands of fans at the Egyptian Theatre April 30 through May 6. We’ll be there celebrating the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi with several screenings of the movie and untold surprises; there will be a free advance screening of Iron Man 3; we’ll be showing the 2009 Star Trek, with a Q&A with Leonard Nimoy afterward; our sponsor TNT will give fans a sneak peek at the new season of Falling Skies with Noah Wyle (he and other cast members will be there too); and there’s lots more. Watch for exclusive video and news from the events on, home to our genre-oriented CapeTown channel. EW’s Geoff Boucher, Bill Gannon, and Lisa Simpson Briel have put together a grand, ambitious festival that I hope continues for years to come. Get more info at See you there.

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