December 11, 2016 at 10:24 AM EST

With Justin Bieber well on his way to becoming the prince of shirtlessness, it’s about time that the king weighed in on things, because if anyone has perfected the art of being shirtless nearly all the time, it’s the Texas-born Matthew McConaughey.

After years of taking out the garbage shirtless, running with Lance Armstrong shirtless, playing with his kids shirtless, working out on playgrounds shirtless, and filming movies in which he’s shirtless, McConaughey has more shirtless wisdom than anyone else in Hollywood. And as long as Bieber is ready to fully commit to a lifetime of sunscreen and crunches, we think it’s only logical that he turn to McConaughey for advice.

When MTV asked McConaughey to weigh in on Bieber’s shirtlessness, the king responded with, “He keeps doing it in airports though, right?” It’s true that the Magic Mike star typically wears a shirt through airport security, but that doesn’t mean that he thinks it’s necessary: “I’m not saying you got to wear a shirt in an airport, especially I think [if] he’s flying private. He can wear what he wants.”

Final words of wisdom from the king? Shirtlessness is never out of the question: “It’s appropriate wherever you say it’s appropriate; it’s your shirt.” There you have it, Biebs.

That being said, we do hope that Bieber can learn from McConaughey’s many years of topless experience. Here are five takeaways that would help the young pop star in his half-nude years to come:

Stay in shape: The bottom line is this: Shirtlessness requires a certain physique (and tan). If you’re going to flaunt your body, it has to be worth flaunting. Humans are superficial. Deal with it.

Bring a baby or a dog: One of the main staples of McConaughey’s shirtlessness is looking busy. Playing with a dog is always an acceptable reason to remove your top layer. Also, shirtless babies are a fool-proof excuse. I am in no way encouraging Biebs to have babies, but if and when he does partake on the journey that is fatherhood, he will realize that shirtless men with their shirtless babies is not only acceptable, but it’s actually sexy.

Embrace head accessories: If you’re going to remove a key part of your wardrobe, be sure to supplement with something like a hat, a headband or even sunglasses.

Let your ego go: When McConaughey is shirtless, he’s comfortable, which means his hair is a little crazy, he isn’t necessarily wearing any deodorant, and it still works. If you try to look sexy while shirtless, is can have the opposite effect.

Steer clear of full nudity … and bongos: Being shirtless is all good and free-spirited. But playing the bongos in the nude? Let’s just say that if McConaughey can’t pull it off, no one can.

Check out the video below to see McConaughey talk about his “heir apparent”:

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