Samantha Highfill
April 29, 2013 AT 02:10 PM EDT

Fasten your seat belts Fast & Furious fans, because if you thought outracing trains, crashing 18-wheelers or stealing vaults full of money was as big as Dom and his crew would go, you were sorely mistaken. It turns out that there isn’t anything that Dom won’t do for love, and that includes getting his crew back together and teaming up with Mr. Dwayne Johnson to partake in some good old fashioned vehicular warfare. From there, it’s all explosions, fist fights, more explosions and at least one instance of Dom catapulting himself through the air in an attempt to save his lady love (Dom + Letty 4eva). Also, there’s a tank. And they crash a plane. All things considered, fans can expect one thing from this film: IT. GETS. BIGGER.

Watch the final Fast & Furious 6 trailer below:

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