Mandi Bierly
May 02, 2013 AT 09:22 PM EDT

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched this week’s Nashville and intend to, stop reading now. Otherwise, let’s relive the moment that had some people wanting to shout Deacon’s name from the rooftops. (Now known as Twitter and Facebook.) Then, we’ll assess where we stand on various plot-points in five polls.


So Rayna was really gonna go to St. Lucia with Liam and have her girls see those photos in the tabloids? I don’t think so. The takeaway here: A teary-eyed Deacon can simultaneously rip your heart out and turn you on. And with the season finale not until May 22, there’s gonna need to be drama… so is that paternity issue we haven’t heard anything about for months about to resurface?

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While I was surprised to see Rayna knock on Deacon’s door, by the end of this scene above, I fully expected Will to try to kiss Gunnar. Looking back, you could see Will was overcompensating when he was teaching Gunnar his tricks for getting women in the crowd to want him. But really, it didn’t hit me until I saw how closely Will sat on that couch. When did you figure out this love triangle didn’t have Scarlett at its center? I’m interested to see Gunnar’s reaction in next week’s episode, when he hasn’t been drinking. He wasn’t yelling “Get out!,” but the use of that phrase at all made my uncomfortable. How accepting will he be?

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