Clark Collis
May 06, 2013 AT 04:09 PM EDT

Filmmaker Larry Fessenden has been busy over the past few years working on his Tales From Beyond the Pale audio series, producing other folks’ movies (such as the post-apocalyptic vampire yarn Stakeland and Ti West’s The Innkeepers), and acting in an impressive array of projects, including this August’s fantastic home invasion horror-comedy You’re Next. But the indie-horror overlord hasn’t actually directed a film since 2006’s Ron Perlman-starring, eco-aware terror tale, The Last Winter. Now, Fessenden has broken the surface with Beneath — a tale of teens, a leaky boat, and a bloodthirsty, underwater predator — that the director made in cahoots with Chiller TV.

The film’s world premiere took place at this weekend’s Stanley Film Festival and you can check out the new trailer below.

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