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Karen Valby
May 07, 2013 AT 01:50 PM EDT

Meet me in Austin, y’all. Seriously now: It was announced this morning that the ATX Television Festival will host a free community sunset screening of an episode of Friday Night Lights on Friday, June 7, at the Hotel San Jose. Free! Sold, right? It gets better: Cast members Gaius Charles (Smash), Scott Porter (7), Matt Lauria (Luke, whose ribs are probably still bruised and swollen), and Louanne Stephens (Grandma Saracen!!!) will be in attendance, as will Stephanie Hunt (Devin*) who will bring some Crucifictorious magic on stage with her band.

Those who read my ode to my recent binge-watch of the series should understand how this has the makings of my perfect pop-culture experience. But it gets better. Fans get to vote on the episode they want to watch at the event. Which means we should all re-binge on the series to make sure our vote is an educated one. Going with my gut, my choices is season 1’s “Black Eyes and Broken Hearts,” when Smash tells the assistant coach Mac he sees him for who he is after spouting some racist bulls— to reporters. But when rival-town cops attempt to haul Smash off the team bus, Mac is the one who steps in and stops them.

RSVP for the event and cast your votes here, and then find me on the Jo’s back porch on June. I’ll be the one wearing the Dillon Panthers t-shirt hovering like a ninny around Grandma Saracen.

*Devin is one of my top five FNL supporting characters. She joins an illustrious list including Tyra’s sister Mindy, Smash’s mother, Landry’s Dad, and Skeeter.

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