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Laura Hertzfeld
May 07, 2013 AT 05:15 AM EDT

The theme of this year’s Met Gala, celebrating the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s latest exhibit Punk: Chaos to Couture, was, fittingly, punk rock. But sadly, not even Madonna dared to just wear a Clash t-shirt and jeans to what’s become the “Oscars of the East Coast.” From watching’s live stream of the Met Ball’s red carpet, we learned the celebs and their designer dates had a wide range of punk knowledge — from barely any (Hailee Steinfeld: “Avril Lavigne’s not punk?!”) — to Gwyneth Paltrow claiming that Spence girls wore safety pins in their ears.

Below, some of our favorite moments from the red carpet, hosted by Hillary Rhoda and Vogue’s Billy Norwich:

Sarah Jessica Parker’s headdress: Looking like a Trojan from either ancient Greek mythology or the USC marching band, Parker’s incredible headdress was rocking a bigger mohawk than Lars Frederikson. You can’t get more punk than that.

Jennifer Lawrence being, well, Jennifer Lawrence: JLaw never fails to have the most affable red carpet moments. When asked if she had a punk phase, she rolled her eyes.

Lena Dunham’s tattoo window: Lena Dunham’s Erdem creation was made just for her, and her date, the designer, said their cross-Atlantic fitting made it more of a challenge. But he included a sheer tattoo window in the back to show off her broad ink.

Katy Perry as Joan of Arc: Katy Perry wore a Dolce and Gabana runway look with a Renaissance art-themed gown. But the kicker was the full crown on top of her long brown locks, which she told Norwich made her feel like the original punk, Joan of Arc.

Sofia Coppola.. in pajamas: Ok, so they were Marc Jacobs pajamas. But the red carpet host looked totally baffled by Coppola’s baggy, alternative look. Coppola responded that pajamas as opposed to gown is pretty against the grain. No argument there.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz are “babies”: Somehow being 40 isn’t old enough to have lived through punk, according to Vogue host Norwich. He joked that Paltrow and Diaz, both 40, were too young to be influenced by the movement. But Paltrow, in punk’s favorite color hot pink claimed that her Spence (a fancy girls’ school in New York City) classmates wore safety pins through their ears with their uniforms. And Diaz in Stella McCartney said punk was a “formidable influence” on her life growing up in the 70s and 80s.

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