Emily Rome
May 09, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EDT

It’s been a long wait for anyone following the development of Alfonso Cuarón’s space thriller Gravity. The film, which stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as astronauts on a Space Shuttle mission, was originally set to be released in November 2012, but despite years of buzz, it wasn’t until this week that some footage from the movie finally hit the web. Now, we have the film’s first trailer.

In the spot,  Bullock and Clooney bask in the striking view of Earth, while some soft piano and violin set the scene for the beautiful and serene surroundings — until everything changes. The space shuttle is destroyed while the two astronauts are on a spacewalk, and they’re left stranded in 372 miles above Earth.

Check out the trailer below:

Cuarón — the acclaimed Mexico-born director of Children of Men, Y Tu Mamá También, and A Little Princess — directed and co-wrote Gravity with his son Jonás. The film is set for an Oct. 4, 2013 release.

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