Tara Fowler
May 10, 2013 AT 04:00 AM EDT

What happens when you get tired of playing Dungeons & Dragons? If you’re Raymond E. Feist, you create an entirely new role-playing game around a mythical land called Midkemia, which then inspires a 10-series, 30-book saga. ”I like to joke that there’s this genre called fantasy trilogies,” says the author, 67, ”and I’m the only guy in town who has a 30-volume trilogy.”

Magician’s End (out May 14) is the last in Feist’s Riftwar Cycle, which began with 1982’s Magician. The books center on Pug, a former kitchen boy who’s the only hope to save Midkemia from invaders that exploit holes or ”rifts” in the space-time continuum. After countless adventures and untold sacrifice, Pug is forced to pay the ultimate price in Magician’s End to vanquish an enemy and bring peace to the land. (Finally!)

Not that it makes it any easier for Feist to say good-bye to Pug after 31 years. ”It’s a little bit like a death in the family or a divorce in the sense that it creates a void,” he says. But have no fear, Feist fans: He is hard at work on a new series, The War of Five Crowns. While he is reluctant to share too many details, he jokingly compares the new project to another fantasy franchise, starring Peter Dinklage: ”It’s Game of Thrones with show tunes,” he jokes. ”I just really want to see Tyrion Lannister singing ‘I Enjoy Being a Girl.”’ Make it happen, HBO.

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