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Emily Rome
May 14, 2013 AT 06:55 AM EDT

The latest episode of Revolution had many of our heroes wondering whether they’re better off on their own. Charlie sympathizes with Jason’s wish to be rid of his dad, as she recalls feeling better off without her mom. Nora decides sleeping with Miles was a mistake — odds are one of them will die soon, and it’s better to not grow close again before that happens. Rachel, leg broken until her mysterious capsule fixes it, continues to beg Aaron to leave her, to trek to the Tower alone. Monroe’s distrust in his friends and allies reaches new tragic heights.

Of course, this being a show created by the man behind the familial love-tastic Supernatural, most of these folks figure out it’s better to stick together. Nora breaks her cold acceptance of eventual death with an emotional confession that she doesn’t want Miles to die. Jason lets his father carry him to safety. Rachel finally allows the stubborn Aaron help her — though she later turns around and threatens to leave Aaron when he wants to stay and “help people” instead of make a beeline for the Tower — a mission, we learn, Rachel is on not to to help people get the power back, but totally for revenge against Monroe, the man responsible for her son’s death.

The episode was called “The Longest Day,” likely a reference to the 1962 film of the same name about D-Day. Revolution‘s rebels and Georgians suffer their own heavy casualties in this episode: Miles’ troops go from 300 to 30 when the Monroe Militia launches a surprise attack.

This episode also gave us a bit of a clearer picture of Miles and Rachel’s history. Their conversations in flashbacks to seven years after the blackout — when Rachel went to Miles after leaving her family — revealed that they were pretty young when they had what Rachel calls “a cheap and ugly fling.” We don’t know exactly how young — they were “kids,” Rachel says. It’s still unclear whether their fling happened before or while Rachel and Ben were together. So it’s still possible that the popular theory that Charlie is actually Miles’ daughter will turn out to be correct.

What did you think of this latest episode, Revolutionaries? Did you feel sorry for teary-eyed Monroe when he realized that Captain Baker, yet another ally he’s now had killed, wasn’t to blame for his assassination attempt? Or is the man who just took Nora prisoner (and, of course, has done so many other evil deeds) not worthy of pity? How much further can his paranoia escalate? Anyone else bummed we may have seen the last of Mark Pellegrino on the show? Where would you like to see Charlie and Jason’s romance go? What do you think happens if Rachel takes the capsule out of her leg? Is there more yet to be revealed about why Rachel left her family and went to Miles seven years after the Blackout?

And do you think President Foster will surrender to Monroe? Sound off below.

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