Hillary Busis
May 15, 2013 AT 09:43 PM EDT

Exhibit A: A message the rapper/producer/sometime actor tweeted this evening, after promising a “big announcement” for his followers:


Exhibit B: Just to drive the point home, Diddy also changed his banner photo, his avatar, and his page’s background to Downton-related images.

Exhibit C: This reply from PBS — “It’s simply not true.”

So much for that! We can assume, though, that Diddy’s got something Downton-themed up his billion-dollar sleeves — an Edwardian-inspired music video? Maybe he’s buying the United Kingdom? In any case, between the Diddy weirdness, season 4 getting a premiere date, and that farts video, it’s been a pretty big week for the Crawleys. Wonder what the Dowager Countess would have to say about all this?

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