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'Ain't Them Bodies Saints': Casey Affleck isn't about to let Rooney Mara go -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Aint Them Bodies Saints

(Steve Dietl)

In Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Casey Affleck stars as an escaped convict who sets out for home to reunite with his wife (Rooney Mara) – who is also his former partner in crime – and meet their daughter, who was born while he was in prison. Promising writer/director David Lowery won accolades at the Sundance Film Festival, where his movie received winning comparisons to the early work of Terrence Malick.

Saints is getting a special critics screening this week at the Cannes Film Festival, and will open in U.S. theaters on Aug. 16.

In an exclusive video from the movie, Affleck’s Bob chases down Mara’s stubborn – and apparently insecure – Ruth. Watch it below.

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