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Which online music service should you use?



Google’s plan to take over the entire Internet – and with it, the world – continued full steam ahead this week with the news that it’s launching its own online streaming music service, Google Play Music All Access. We broke down how the new service compares to other popular current streaming options.

Google Play:
Cost: $9.99/month for all access, currently at $7.99 month discount
Type: On demand/radio (not available on iOS)
Song Selection: only saying “millions” currently
Quality: Unknown
Offline Option: Yes

Cost: Free with ads or you can upgrade for $3.99 a month
Type: Radio with limited skips
Song Selection: 900,000 songs
Stream Quality: Up to 192 kbps
Offline Option: No

Cost: $4.99 (desktop only), $9.99 mobile
Type: On Demand/Radio
Song Selection: 20 million songs
Stream Quality: Up to 256kbps
Offline Option: Yes

Cost: Free with ads, $4.99/month (desktop), $9.99/month (mobile and offline available)
Type: On demand/radio
Song Selection: Over 20 million songs
Stream Quality: Up to 320 kbps
Offline Option: Yes

Cost: $4.99 (desktop only), $9.99 (premium with mobile)
Type: On demand/radio
Song Selection: 18 million songs
Quality: Up to 320 kbps
Offline Option: Yes

Cost: Free with ads, $3.99 ad-free, $9.99 premium (includes on demand)
Type: Radio with unlimited skips for paid subscriptions; radio/on demand for premium subscriptions
Song Selection: 13 million songs
Quality: “near-CD quality”
Offline Option: Yes

Interested in Google’s offering? What do you use to stream music?

(Reporting by Mike Bruno)

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Originally posted May 16 2013 — 5:56 PM EDT


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