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Sandra Gonzalez
May 16, 2013 AT 10:33 PM EDT

It’s been a tough few weeks for Jo on Grey’s Anatomy. A tough season, really. And as the powerhouse drama cruises toward its season finale tonight, look for things to stay just as intense for the first-year doc as she and the rest of the gang at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital fight to keep the hospital afloat as a super storm barrels down on them.

“There are issues with the equipment [because of the storm] so they’re actually having to use some the techniques they taught the Syrian doctors a few episodes ago,” Camilla Luddington teases of the chaos at the hospital, caused by a blackout.

Meanwhile, personal drama looms on over the medical teams as well. Over in pediatrics, Jo and Alex, who at the end of last week’s episode were engaged in a passion-fueled conversation that was eventually interrupted by a falling tree, are forced to put aside their ongoing romantic drama in order to help out. And Luddington says that though they are “oblivious” to what went down between Arizona and Lauren (Hilarie Burton) in last week’s episode, “that tension is there in pediatrics as well,” she says.

One person we won’t see in this hour? Jason, aka “Chest Peckwell,” the man who fueled Jo’s domestic abuse storyline a few episodes ago and who last week Alex told to leave town. “I think whatever Alex told him was good enough to scare him into not show his face back there,” she says. Luddington adds that she was glad Alex came to Jo’s defense in the last episode, after she was accused by some co-workers of beating Jason unnecessarily. “I feel like one thing I wanted people to know was that she’s not crazy. I think that’s a dangerous word to use when in the situation she was in, she was really trying to protect herself,” she says. (In light of the storyline, Luddington says she’s been touting, a website for domestic abuse victims.)

In the end, Luddington says, “I think fans will be intrigued by how [the season] leaves off,” adding, “It’s definitely an emotional note that they’re left on.”


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