Owen Gleiberman, Clark Collis, Karen Valby, and Chris Nashawaty
May 17, 2013 AT 04:00 AM EDT

PG-13, 2 HRS., 8 MINS.

An old-fashioned drama about how Jackie Robinson broke the color line in professional baseball. B+Owen Gleiberman

R, 1 HR., 30 MINS.

Starring and co-penned by gore-teur Eli Roth, this earthquake disaster movie takes a long time to get going. But when things head south, they do so with a ferociousness that is maintained until the very last second. B-Clark Collis


This dramatization of a formative moment in psychological science is stodgy in all the ways that the Freud-and-Jung film A Dangerous Method wasn’t. The heroine (Soko) suffers from seizures that sound like sexual climaxes. Neurologist Charcot (Vincent Lindon) subjects her to experiments, and the clunking message is that the ambitious doctor needs his patient far more than she needs him. COwen Gleiberman

Black Rock
R, 1 HR., 23 MINS.

The idea of a female Deliverance must have sounded promising in a pitch meeting. Too bad that promise died on the way to the screen. Katie Aselton directed and costars with Kate Bosworth and Lake Bell in a twist-free exploitation thriller about three childhood pals who head off to a remote Maine island for a camping trip and run afoul of a trio of psycho hunters who’ve seen The Most Dangerous Game. At least Black Rock is short — and over quickly. (Also available on VOD) C-Chris Nashawaty

R, 1 HR., 44 MINS.

Aaron Eckhart makes his bid to become the next Liam Neeson in director Philipp Stölzl’s mediocre rip-off of Taken and Unknown. The paint-by-numbers plot pivots around an ex–CIA agent who’s on the run in gloomy Belgium with his teen daughter. If your job is killing people, maybe take-your-daughter-to-work day isn’t such a brilliant idea. (Also available on VOD) CChris Nashawaty

Girl Rising
PG-13, 1 HR., 41 MINS.

The stirring documentary tells the story of nine girls around the world who overcome wretched obstacles through education. AKaren Valby

The Great Gatsby
PG-13, 2 HRS., 21 MINS.

Baz Luhrmann gives F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary classic a hypercaffeinated 3-D makeover. He won’t rest until you’re blasted into sugar-shock submission. B-Chris Nashawaty

The Iceman
R, 1 HR., 45 MINS.

A harrowing performance from Michael Shannon is wasted in this grim true-life tale of an infamous contract killer with a double life. B-Chris Nashawaty

Iron Man 3
PG-13, 2 HRS., 9 MINS.

An ominously exciting comic-book spectacular. Shane Black’s direction is fast and furious, and Robert Downey Jr. uses his nattering to express a fevered anxiety. A- Owen Gleiberman

PG-13, 2 HRS., 10 MINS.

Matthew McConaughey is charismatic as an Arkansas fugitive aided by two teenage boys in Jeff Nichols’ leisurely life-on-the-river story. B+Chris Nashawaty

PG-13, 2 HRS., 5 MINS.

Tom Cruise is essentially the last man on earth in this postapocalyptic mash-up of older, better sci-fi brainteasers. C+Chris Nashawaty

Pain & Gain
R, 2 HRS., 9 MINS.

Michael Bay lightens up with a true-crime comic caper about three gym rats hatching a lame-brain kidnap plot in sun-soaked ’90s Miami. BChris Nashawaty

PG-13, 1 HR., 35 MINS.

Craig Robinson stars in a Meet the Parents-like comedy in which the innocuous jokes keep popping. But it all should have been more tasteless and ridiculous. C+Owen Gleiberman

Stories We Tell
PG-13, 1 HR., 48 MINS.

Sarah Polley’s documentary about her own family secrets is made in the confessional, into-the-abyss spirit of Capturing the Friedmans. A-Owen Gleiberman

Venus and Serena
PG-13, 1 HR., 39 MINS.

The rare full-access sports doc that doesn’t feel like a whitewash. The superstar tennis sisters have never seemed so likable… or human. (Also available on VOD) A-Chris Nashawaty

What Maisie Knew
R, 1 HR., 38 MINS.

Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan are one-note monsters in this dysfunctional-family drama about an innocent little girl and her spoiled, arguing parents. CChris Nashawaty

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