James Hibberd
May 18, 2013 AT 10:56 PM EDT

Once again, Kanye West proves he knows how to get everybody’s attention.

The singer is using a clever tactic to market his new single “New Slaves.” Kanye had a video performance of the song projected onto 66 buildings around the world at various times on Friday night. The video was spotted in cities such as New York, Toronto, Chicago, London, Paris and Berlin, according to Rolling Stone.

The move comes one week after going on a rant against the paparazzi and Saturday Night Live while performing, of all places, at a corporate gig for a cable TV network (the Adult Swim upfront party for ad buyers, to be exact),

Kayne’s sixth studio album is rumored to be released on June 18, though he has avoided directly confirming the release date.

Tonight he performs on Saturday Night Live. Somehow we suspect Kanye’s going to once again give us something to talk about (which you can do here).

Check out one of Kanye’s pop-up video marketing performance below:

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