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Emily Rome
May 21, 2013 AT 12:24 PM EDT

Revolution presented its own dark take on the 1985 comedy Clue in last night’s episode, also called “Clue.” No multiple endings in this whodunnit, but there were multiple red herrings as Miles and co. tried to figure out who was offing their men on the mission to the Tower.

Who killed the Commander Ramsey and helicopter’s pilot? They’re refueling in the middle of nowhere, so it’s doubtful any local Plains Nation folk did it. Evidence at various moments points to John Sanborn (he did mysteriously escape the militia with a questionable sudden change of heart), Jason Neville (he has a bloody pocketknife in his pocket after Miles has collected all weapons — but is it a plant?), or Nora (that torturous injection mixed up for her in the militia prison can cause hallucinations and paranoia).

But in the end, none of those suspects is the killer. It’s Jim Hudson — the militia is holding his wife hostage and is threatening to hurt her if Jim doesn’t deliver Miles to them.

This all happened after a captured Nora has been tortured by the militia for 21 days. She has her Pirates of the Caribbean moment when she comes to dinner donning a white dress at Monroe’s request. And all torturous things considered, that dress and Nora’s pretty face and her silky hair aren’t looking too bad by her 21st day of interrogation. But don’t let any lapse in the makeup department fool you — Nora is totally broken, and she finally reveals Miles’ location, Tom Neville’s new position in Georgia, and Rachel’s mission to the Tower.

While Nora, brought to Atlanta by Sanborn, and the rest of our heroes are in the middle of a paranoid game of Clue, our increasingly more paranoid villain Monroe has now turned his distrust toward Randall, who failed to tell Monroe about the Tower before Nora revealed its existence. Randall gets to prove himself by taking Monroe to the Tower — which we learn is populated not just by Grace but by at least a dozen people watching Randall at the Tower door on their monitors.

What did you think of this episode, Revolution fans? Were you fooled into thinking the killer was any of the suspects before Jim? Would you have lasted as long as Nora did at the hands of militia torture? Was Monroe’s order “so just give them some smallpox blankets and call it a day” totally shocking, or do you feel like you’ve heard it all from this guy by now? Will Rachel and her grenade finally kill Monroe? And who do you think those people are in the Tower?

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