Ray Rahman
May 21, 2013 AT 07:23 PM EDT

Love her, hate her, or ignore her — either way, Zooey Deschanel knows how to play the cute card.

Through her HelloGiggles imprint, the New Girl star has released a new video from She & Him, Deschanel’s project with indie-folkster M. Ward. The song,  “I Could’ve Been Your Girl,” comes from their recent album Volume 3, and the video includes choreography from HelloGiggles co-founder Sophie Olson. Yes, it has choreography — but it’s, like, cute choreography! Because she’s not, you know, Beyoncé or anything.

All the while, M. Ward is just sitting around, reading the newspaper like a grump. Our kinda guy! Eventually, though, even he gives in and takes his trusty guitar for a whirl.

Watch it below, and try to resist the sudden urge to go out and purchase insouciant breathable fabrics:


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