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'We're the Millers' trailer: Stripper Jennifer Aniston and fake family vacation antics -- VIDEO

This summer’s We’re the Millers, a family vacation movie and pot comedy all rolled into one, just got its first trailer.

The movie stars Jason Sudeikis as a small-time drug dealer who gets in over his head when he has to find a way to smuggle 1,500 kilos of marijuana across the Mexican border. To make it past the officials at the border without suspicion, he hires a phony family to travel in an RV with him and the marijuana. A stripper (Jennifer Aniston) stands in as his wife, while a homeless teen (Emma Roberts) and his dorky British neighbor (Will Poulter) become his faux daughter and son.

Check out the fake family vacation antics that ensue and a filthy rich Ed Helms in the trailer below:

Warner Bros. also released a red band version of the trailer today. Watch that here.

We’re the Millers, which also features Nick Offerman, Molly C. Quinn, and Kathryn Hahn, opens in theaters on Aug. 9, 2013.

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