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The Benedict Cumberbatch shower scene you DIDN'T see in 'Star Trek Into Darkness' -- VIDEO

Benedict Cumberbatch Topless

If you’re a Cumberbitch, I won’t mince words: Go below the jump, my friends.

If you had to look up the (made-up) word “Cumberbitch,” I’ll provide some context: Star Trek Into Darkness maestros J. J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof have been taking some heat for a scene in their new movie, which features a gratuitous shot of star Alice Eve in her underwear. (Gratuitous female nudity in an action movie? Well, I never!)

But as Abrams pointed out on Conan last night, the scene in question came after an earlier shot of gratuitous Chris Pine shirtlessness – meaning that if anything, he and the Enterprise crew are equal-opportunity objectifiers. Abrams subsequently revealed something that may have made Tumblr explode: Star Trek villain Benedict Cumberbatch also had a shirtless scene that ended up being cut from the movie. And then the director showed a snippet of the scene in question – which finds Cumberbatch glowering in a “shower of evil.”

We repeat: Benedict Cumberbatch glowering in a shower of evil.


That is all.

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