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'Arrested Development': How much have you watched? What did you think? POLLS

Binge Watching Arrested Development

(Adam Taylor/Netflix)

Much like Gob on the cross, Arrested Development made its return from the presumed dead this past weekend on Netflix for a 15-episode fourth season that was available all at once. (Read Annie Barrett’s episode by episode take.) Whether you did a full-on Sunday Bluth Binge – who needs sunlight? – or are slowly working your way through the family’s latest misadventure, now’s the time to weigh in on what you’ve seen so far. Plus, you can find out what other readers/Bluthaholics are thinking.

Before you begin your almost mandatory re-watch to catch all the Easter Anns Eggs, make your voice heard in a whole slew of polls about the new episodes, below:

[polldaddy poll=7134204]

[polldaddy poll=7134209]

[polldaddy poll=7134213]

[polldaddy poll=7134220]

[polldaddy poll=7134239]

[polldaddy poll=7134251]

[polldaddy poll=7134271]

SPOILER ALERT! The next few polls refer to the last couple of episodes’ plot specifics. Reading on before watching the entire show would be a huge mistake.

[polldaddy poll=7134232]

[polldaddy poll=7134327]

[polldaddy poll=7134261]

[polldaddy poll=7134262]

[polldaddy poll=7134345]

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