May 28, 2013 at 01:55 PM EDT

Forget all that stuff about sabotage-induced scheduling: Smash proved during the second hour of its 120-minute series finale that the show had no trouble shooting itself in the character shoe.


Whoever wrote out the credits could handle “Debra.” They didn’t blink at “Katharine.” But “Anjelica,” somehow, was just too tough… and whether this was NBC’s way of confirming that it just can’t wait to shuffle Smash off the air or Smash‘s way of signaling complete and utter defeat, the mistake still hasn’t been corrected on Hulu. La Huston’s name is, however, spelled correctly in the opening credits sequence that kicked off the finale’s first hour.

Fast-forward to 6:37 to see it yourself — and thank EW’s Jason Clark for first bringing it to our attention.

Update: A source tells EW that while Huston’s name was misspelled on the Smash finale’s digital print, it was spelled correctly on the version of the finale that aired Sunday night. The error on the digital print is apparently being corrected.

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