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Breia Brissey
May 29, 2013 AT 01:00 PM EDT

Fresh off his appearance at the Billboard Music Awards, Brit singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran took a break from touring with Taylor Swift to perform a private concert at Delta Airline’s T4X pop-up shop in Soho. The event — which came complete with screaming fans banging on the glass doors to be let inside — was broadcast live by Fuse and featured a four-song set by Sheeran. The artist spared a few minutes to answer some questions before taking the stage. 

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: After the Billboard Music Awards, you tweeted that Ed Sharon trended worldwide. Is it weird that people are still getting your name wrong?

ED SHEERAN: It was trending. And I don’t know. I’m sure people still get Justin Bieber wrong. I know I do. I spell it B-E-I, and I know it’s B-I-E.

You also tweeted that you didn’t feel like you fit it there. Why? 

I was told it was casual, and I turned up in a jumper. Everyone was in a suit, and I was like, “Well, this sucks!” I had a good time at the after-party. I just don’t really fit in, and I was the only British guy there as well.

In EW’s summer music preview, you weighed in on some of  summer’s biggest songs. But what do you like to watch on TV?

Game of Thrones is the main thing at the moment. And I also watched all of Malcolm In the Middle recently. I watched it when it was on, but I never saw the last season. So I never knew what happened!

What are your plans once you finish touring with Taylor Swift in September?

Just taking a break. I want to clear my mind and clear my body before I get into the next album.

Speaking of, do you think you’ve gained a lot of new fans by touring with Taylor?

She has the country audience, so it’s very mixed. But I hope so. Otherwise it would have been a very long tour. [Laughs]

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