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Our 10 Favorite On-Screen Mermaids

Ariel Little Mermaid

Did you catch Mermaids: The New Evidence on Animal Planet Sunday night? The special broke ratings records for the network. It seems people just can’t get enough of the possibly (!) fictitious part-human, part-fish creatures of the sea. While that show might have been a hoax, you can totally trust the mermaids on our list of favorites… if only for a taste of what life is like in the ocean or how to wear a great costume and pretend.

The Little Mermaid
Why we’re obsessed: Ariel may have wanted to be human, but viewers longed to be part of her underwater world in the 1989 Disney classic. She can have Prince Eric – we’d fight Ursula to get the chance to stay in the ocean. From where we’re standing, life looked pretty good under the sea.