Erin Strecker
May 30, 2013 AT 02:58 PM EDT

The Bluth family may be back for another ride in the stair car.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told CNBC this morning that the company would be interested in commissioning more episodes of Arrested Development if the talent was willing. Hastings stressed that commissioning more Arrested really came down to cast availability — a problem that held up the fourth season of the cult favorite as well. If the cast is able to get together again, it’ll be interesting to see what form the next chapter of Arrested takes, as the fourth season of the show seemed to set up a long-rumored movie (as opposed to more episodic television).

Hastings declined to release the exact numbers of how many people have streamed the show since its debut Sunday, simply saying, “It’s been huge, just as we had hoped.” He elaborated that they aren’t yet releasing numbers because “Netflix is about being able to watch when you want … So we’re really not focused on the day-one ratings, it’s really over the first year.”

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