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Jessica Simpson's high school 'Chorus Line' performance demands to be seen -- VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 12.31.22 AM

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 12.31.22 AM

Before the babies, before the tabloids, before the vilified blue jeans – even before Tony Romo and John “sexual napalm” Mayer and Nick Lachey and the multi-million dollar shoe empire, Jessica Simpson was just a regular high school gal in a red leotard performing “The Music and the Mirror” from A Chorus Line.

Now that footage of her theatrical moment has hit the net, it’s pretty much required viewing. Simpson tweeted the video yesterday, adding, “The ultimate #tbt” (That’s Throw Back Thursday for those of you who don’t hashtag your lives), and it’s a pretty potent reminder that, while Simpson was never a pop star of Britney or Christina proportions, she still had some serious pipes. And those dance moves weren’t too shabby, either!

Go ahead, make your day better and give it a watch:

So this was the shadow Ashlee Simpson had to grow up in.

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Originally posted May 31 2013 — 12:07 PM EDT


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