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'Man of Steel' 13-minute featurette features extended look at Krypton, Lois Lane, General Zod... well, everything -- VIDEO

Man Of Steel

The publicity campaign for this month’s Superman reboot Man of Steel has been pretty hush-hush so far, with a couple big-emotion trailers and the occasional static-heavy promo offering teasing hints of the Christopher Nolan-produced, Zack Snyder-directed film. But with the film’s June 14 release date right around the corner, Warner Bros. released an extended 13-minute featurette that features an extensive look at several sequences in the movie. Revelation: Krypton looks a lot like The Dark Crystal. Revelation: Lois Lane gets writers’ block is she’s not wearing a flak jacket. Revelation: Tahmoh Penikett is in this movie. Go Helo! Check out the video:

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