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Kanye West's 'New Slaves' snippet leaks: Hear it here

Kanye West

Hey, remember that time Kanye West debuted an incendiary new song called “New Slaves” on the sides of a bunch of buildings around the world?

Well, you no longer have to be at an intersection in Berlin – or watching Kanye’s live performance on Saturday Night Live – to hear the song with your own ears: a snippet of a studio version of the song has hit the web.

It’s only about 73 seconds long, which still makes it the largest amount of studio-version music the public has actually heard from his upcoming album Yeezus, due June 18. (Sensing a theme here?)

Give the NSFW songlet a listen below:

Note: The original SoundCloud and has been taken down, so we’ve subbed in a YouTube rip. 

Note 2: Well, the YouTube rip was promptly taken down, so for now we’ll have to settle for his SNL performance of the track.


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