Dan Snierson
June 07, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EDT


AUGUST 11, 9 P.M./ AMC

Get your final fix before the addictively daring drug drama goes up in smoke

By the end last year’s blood-soaked midseason finale, the walls and DEA agent Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) were closing in on meth maker Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and his partner Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). When the drama returns for the second half of its final season, what should we expect? ”Believe it or not, Walt has a bottomless capability for douchebaggery, and you will see more of it,” chuckles series creator Vince Gilligan. ”Having said that, we’re used to seeing Walter be a bad guy and do bad things. But we may, in these final eight episodes, see another side to him as well. The question that arises is: Can he still be good?” All of Walt’s conflict isn’t internal, however. ”He’s got plenty of forces to fight,” says Gilligan. ”You met some of them. Others you haven’t.” Not only will the action move at a faster pace than usual, ”there are easily a half-dozen moments that could probably serve as series enders. We saved the best stuff till last,” promises Gilligan, who offers one more cryptic clue about the homestretch: ”Sometimes you see meth labs in the darndest places.”

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