Sandra Gonzalez
June 12, 2013 AT 06:35 PM EDT

“Madness. It’s total madness.”

Jake sums up the drama coming up on Awkward. quite well in the trailer below. But we’d expect nothing less after Tuesday night’s mid-season finale, which saw Jenna [spoiler coming … ] cheating on Matty with Colin.

And while she narrowly escaped exposure in last night’s episode — Matty almost witnessed Jenna and Colin’s car makeout — it seems she continues to play with fire in the next few episodes, which will air in the fall. (“Once is an accident, twice is an affair,” Tamara accurately puts it.)

Watch the emotional trailer below.

If you find yourself in Awkward. withdrawal, MTV will air Awkward.’s Most Awkward Moments next Tuesday at 10 p.m.


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