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June 13, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Spoiler Room is back from summer vacation!!

For details on how I spent my weeks off, watch Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Summer Vacation. Actually, that has nothing to do with what I did, but I wish it did. (Also, I really love that movie.) The real answer to how I spent my time off is nothing you’d be particularly interested in.

Anyway, I’m back and have returned with a delicious heap of scoop. Enjoy! And don’t forget to send your questions for next week, people!


You read that right. Stana Katic, who plays kick-ass detective Kate Beckett, knows how the lovely crime-fighter is going to answer (what I believe to be) the most important question posed this year in a TV season finale.

As you might guess, though, she’s not telling us a single thing about how Beckett will respond to Castle’s marriage proposal.

“I know the answer, and I’m not telling you,” she teased EW last night at a gala sponsored by Women in Film. But while she couldn’t reveal any secrets, Katic said she was quite happy with the answer Beckett gives. “I think that her answer is the perfect one for the character and for the show,” she says. Moreover, she doesn’t feel like Castle jumped the gun with his question at all because even though they’ve only been officially dating about a year, “I think it has been long enough for a yes or no answer. I figure the intense situations they’ve gone through together has sped up their bond.”

Proposals aside, there are professional questions also lingering as Beckett still has a big D.C. job offer hanging over her head. Katic says she is in favor of Beckett’s possible relocation. “It’s New York City and D.C. It’s not that far,” she says. “It also helps that he is a millionaire and a writer, which he can do anywhere. So how rough is that? He can afford to hire a private plane or two on her days off.” In Katic’s view, Beckett “has worked really hard to get to this point in her career, and there is a part of me that feels like she shouldn’t have to give up success in her professional life to keep her relationship happy, and vice versa. In real life, woman balance family, relationships, and careers all the time. Why should Beckett be any different?” she says.

Fall, why aren’t you here yet???


Have you picked up EW’s amazing summer TV preview yet? Well, you should have by now — especially if you’re a Dexter fan. My colleague James Hibberd was on set for all sorts of action, and while I’ll leave his story to fill you in on those specifics, here’s what I can tease about the first few episodes of the season:

+ Deb’s gone down a dark path since we saw her last, but how far down the rabbit hole has she gone? Well, she’s doing lines of coke and mixing all sorts of pills, for starters. But most disturbing of all? Dexter’s little sis — who has had his back as long as we can remember — wants absolutely nothing to do with him. In fact, when we pick up the season, it’s been months since they’ve seen each other!

There’s one surprising new hookup that is revealed that I think fans of the show will have mixed feelings about. Make sure to send me your thoughts/follow-up questions after the premiere June 30.

+ Even though Deb is now working as a PI, you won’t have to wait too long to see her interact with some of our faves from Miami Metro. Specifically, her reunion with Masuka is exactly how you’d expect it to be.

+ We’ve seen Dexter have friends in the past who know his secret, but Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) has a whole new level of knowledge on Dexter — she knew Harry … and helped him invent Dexter’s Code. (More on Dr. Vogel here.)

+ You will see Harry again — this time in the flesh! All I’ll say is that Dr. Vogel has some very telling videotapes.


In case Aria and Ezra’s breakup wasn’t clear enough for you in the finale, the pair re-broke up in this week’s season premiere. While I’m sure you’re disappointed, as you may have heard, the writers are wasting no time getting this PLL a new man — specifically, Step Up Revolution hunk Ryan Guzman, who will play her self-defense instructor starting next week.

But she’s not alone. According to executive producer Oliver Goldstick, all the Liars’ love lives are going to get a little more active this season. “It’s a very interesting season for that. All four girls have a person somewhere on the horizon,” he says. However, he adds, many of these romantic interests “don’t surface maybe till we’re deep in [season] 4A, sometimes earlier than that. For Emily, for Spencer, for Hannah — there is competition for their affection coming up,” he says.

Yes, sorry, Spoby fans, that includes them. Goldstick says the beloved pairing is indeed going to be “somewhat strained by some of the circumstances surrounding his own personal mystery,” he says. “What is he going to reveal? How much? Will it cost him something if he does reveal it? You know, it becomes one of those questions where he has to be very cautious and very circumspect about what he can share or it may backfire and boomerang and really hurt him.”

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