Jeff Labrecque
June 13, 2013 AT 02:46 PM EDT

Man of Tai Chi looks like a throwback martial-arts movie that Jean-Claude Van Damme could’ve starred in in the late 1980s. A “pure-hearted” man is lured into an underground world of fighting where he must kill or be killed. “I can’t fight tai-chi for money,” says our hero (Tiger Chen). “It’s dishonorable.”

But why are we really paying attention to this movie? It’s directed by Keanu Reeves, who also plays the villain. (He’s like Ben Gazzara in Road House!) Chen was a stunt man on the last two Matrix films, as well as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, so you know he can at least deliver the chops.

Watch the trailer below, and revel on the greatest “Finish him!” exhortation since the original Karate Kid.

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