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Today in (even more) inappropriate 'Henry Cavill is Hot' tweets...

Man Of Steel 01

(Clay Enos)

It’s Day 2 of our Henry Cavill Twitter Watch, and the tweets about his handsomeness have definitely gotten racier. Credit goes to more people having actually now seen him on the big screen as Man of Steel’s Superman, but also to the airing of a Graham Norton Show interview in Britain, which produced so many tweets right as we began our search for inappropriate expressions of affection that we only had the stamina to look through two hours’ worth. Watch a fun Graham Norton clip below in which costar Amy Adams explains how creepy one feels talking about Henry’s beauty in front of him. (Ah, the anonymity of the Internet.) And below, the inappropriate – but still printable – tweet sampling:


Actually, Russell Crowe saw Henry Cavill first. Most fans will already know this story, but it’s nice to watch Crowe tell it.


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