Katie Atkinson
June 16, 2013 AT 06:26 PM EDT

In the upcoming movie Don Jon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s title character seems to have a very open relationship with his old man, played by Tony Danza, and this special Father’s Day clip makes that pretty clear.

When Don Jon first brings Barbara (Scarlett Johansson) home to meet mom and dad, Danza’s Jon Sr. immediately goes into cartoon-wolf mode, barely keeping his eyeballs in their sockets. The Father of the Year contender even asks his son “Are they real?” after getting an eyeful of Johansson’s physique.

Watch the NSFW (but still family-oriented) clip below:


Gordon-Levitt took to Twitter on Sunday to unveil the holiday-timed sneak peek:


You’ll have to wait a few more holidays (Fourth of July and Labor Day) to see the whole movie: Don Jon hits theaters September 27.

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