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June 16, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EDT

On Sunday, HBO2 is running a full season 5 marathon starting at 9 a.m. ET, leading into the season 6 premiere at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. If you don’t want to get sucked into that but do need a reminder where we left off 10 months ago, here’s a quick refresher. (Read our full recap of the season 5 finale here.)

• Bill appears to be Bilith.

Bill staked Salome, with whom he was competing to be first vampire Lilith’s Chosen One. Though Sookie and Eric begged Bill to pour the vial of Lilith’s blood in the fire, Bill drank it, saying Lilith, whom he now worships as a god, has granted him freedom from living with the fear that he was damned. Bill bled from his eyes and vomited blood until he exploded into goo. As Sookie cried in Eric’s arms, a naked Bill rose from that blood. “F—,” Sookie said. Bill screech-hissed like Lilith always had. “Run!” Eric yelled. Watch it below:

• Nora, Jessica, Pam, Tara, and Jason (who’s back in anti-vamp Rambo mode) are also still trapped in the Authority and trying to find their way out. 

Personal dynamics in play here: Pam and Tara have kissed; Jessica has told Jason she loves him, and he’s told her he could never love a vampire. You get the sense that Nora, Eric’s “sister” who’s thankfully no longer Team Lilith, and Pam, who Eric set free but is the reason he returned to the Authority compound for the rescue mission, won’t be getting along.

• Humans know about the Authority keeping “human livestock” — and suspect there are other supernatural creatures — thanks to Luna, who’s probably dying.

Steve Newlin, who had Emma (the half-shifter/half-werewolf daughter of Sam’s girlfriend Luna), went on live TV to refute the mass murder charges against him for the frat murder spree and claimed the video showing him and Russell entering the house was fabricated. But Newlin was actually Luna skinwalking. She vomited blood and shifted back to herself. She was able to get out that vampires were keeping humans captive and feeding on them in an underground compound somewhere in New Orleans before Roslyn (the Authority chancellor played by Cougar Town‘s Barb) kicked the camera over. Sam flew into her mouth in fly form and shifted back to human, exploding Roslyn in the process. He was covered in bloody goo as Luna fainted with pup Emma in her arms.

• Yep, the war between vamps and humans is officially on.

Humans have been developing weapons vampires have never seen to eradicate them from the earth. Following Luna’s message — and knowing that the Tru Blood supply is dangerously low because the factories were bombed as part of Lilith’s plan — the government will likely see it as the right time to test them out.

• Alcide is the new pack master.

After Rikki, the lady wolf Alcide had slept with, almost died from an overdose of V — which pack master JD had force-fed her and the others to get them ready for the holy war that was coming — JD needed to die. The only way Alcide could defeat JD was to take better quality V. And so he did. Alcide broke JD’s neck. The pack knelt before Alcide, and he told them the V would stop that night. They respect themselves, their pack, and nature; they don’t take advantage of those who are younger or weaker than they are. “Tonight, we choose pack,” he said.

• Andy is a dad, four times over.

At Merlotte’s, fairy Maurella gave birth to four daughters and enjoyed labor so much, Lafayette said she made him want to do it. Maurella told Andy it was up to him to make sure at least half of the babies survive into adulthood, and she left. “You’re a dick,” Holly told Andy.

• Warlow, the vampire who killed Sookie and Jason’s parents, is coming for her.

According to a contract dated 1702, Sookie’s ancestor John William Stackhouse promised the first fae-bearing female in the Stackhouse line to Warlow. That is Sookie. Jason wants to kill Warlow, and has been having hallucinations of his parents encouraging him to kill other vampires as well. Jason could be suffering from a head injury from when Russell reflected the Elder fae’s light burst to Jason, which sent Jason flying.

• Eric killed Russell. For real.

It was Eric who saved the fae from Russell after Russell devoured the Elder at the start of the season 5 finale.

• Oh, and Terry and Arlene are happy again, now that’s he’s killed Patrick and the Ifrit is gone.

Let’s hope that story line is dead, too.

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