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Hillary Busis
June 25, 2013 AT 08:20 PM EDT

Get your mind out of the gutter! The answer is Carroll Avenue, a street in Los Angeles’ historic Angelino Heights neighborhood.

As a local blog called Franklin Avenue points out today, that’s where Don Draper’s childhood home — a Pennsylvania brothel, in the show’s universe — is actually located. The real estate database Zillow says that the six-bedroom, 126-year-old building is worth just under $600,000, which sounds like a steal — especially considering how all the grime covering it in Sunday’s finale was added in post-production (and, evidently, after AMC took the photo above).

The fake whorehouse is located at 1355 Carroll Ave. You know what’s located right next door? 1345 Carroll Ave. — a.k.a. the “Thriller” house In Michael Jackson’s seminal music video, that’s where his unnamed girlfriend (Ola Ray) tries to seek sanctuary from the undead dancers who are stalking her. See the second home in action around the 10:35 mark — or, if you’ve got a spare 14 minutes, just rewatch the whole glorious thing:

And suddenly, it’s all coming together: Those corpses must have been the embodiment of Don Draper’s demons, or maybe just Depression-era hookers who will walk the earth forevermore, looking in vain for Hershey bars to give their sullen stepsons. The more you know!

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