Annie Barrett
June 25, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Supercringe! Nigel Lythgoe’s general buffoonery can make for some pretty awkward critiques on SYTYCD, but tonight he outdid himself while raving about Dorian “BluPrint” Hector’s prowess in an Afro Jazz routine. “People say, ‘This is your ethnicity, your heritage.’ But it isn’t! You didn’t grow up in a jungle!” the old white man exclaimed to the young black dancer. Say what?! At least BluPrint (pictured, center) put on a brave grin following the comment. As you can see, host Cat Deeley took a bit longer for her “WTF, man?” face to catch up to the contestant’s.

Sorry to dwell on that, but it was so weird and sadly typical, and really took me out of the show. Still — there were some fabulous dances tonight to distract from the judging panel. I’ll post my recap of the Top 20 performances later on; in the meantime, here’s my ranked list* of tonight’s routines — updated with song selections!


10. Alexis and Nico — Hip Hop choreographed by Christopher Scott

Music: “Last Time (Knife Party Remix)” by Labrinth

9. Mariah and Carlos — Jive by Jason Gilkison

Music: “Get It Right” by Fantasia

8. Malece and Jade — Jazz by Travis Wall

Music: “Silver Screen (Shower Scene)” by Felix da Housecat

7. Mackenzie and Paul — Viennese Waltz by Jason Gilkison

Music: “I’m With You” by Avril Lavigne

6. Jenna and Tucker — Broadway by Tyce Diorio

Music: “That’s All” by Kevin Spacey (Beyond the Sea soundtrack)

5. Brittany and BluPrint — Afro Jazz by Sean Cheesman

Music: “Drumming Circle” by Professor Trance & the Energizers

4. Jasmine Mason and Alan — Contemporary by Travis Wall

Music: “Can’t Help Faling In Love (Live at Daytrotter)” by Ingrid Michaelson

3. Jasmine Harper and Aaron — Jazz by Sonya Tayeh

Music: “Bottom of the River” by Delta Rae

2. Hayley and Curtis — ‘Seductive Hip Hop’ by Christopher Scott

Music: “Go” by Delilah

1. Amy and Fik-Shun — Contemporary by Sonya Tayeh

Music: “Elsa” by The Valerie Project

*My rankings may change after I watch these all again!

UPDATE: Full ‘SYTYCD’ recap here.

Which were your faves tonight? Does Nigel need to shut up? Should sunglasses be banned forever?

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