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Daft Punk remix their summer smash 'Get Lucky' -- hear it here


Were you up all night to get lucky? Well, let’s raise the bar.

Or let Daft Punk do it for you: France’s robot-pop overlords have doubled down on Random Access Memories’ breakout four-minute hit “Get Lucky” with a ten-minute remix, released today.

It’s not drastically different, really, but it does mean you’ll have to reach for the repeat button half as much, so less stressful finger cardio for you, friend! Listen below:

FYI, the track is exclusively available on Spotify for the next week before it goes wide, so you do need access to the music service to stream the song:

[spotify id=”spotify:track:6piFKF6WvM6ZZLmi2Vz8Vt” width=”300” height=”380” /]

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