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Frank Ocean unveils new music at live show in Munich: Watch video here

Frank Ocean

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It’s been just a few weeks short of a year since Frank Ocean released his highly anticipated debut Channel ORANGE on iTunes a full week early following an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Could he be warming up for another big reveal?

Ocean kicked off a fresh tour last night in Munich, and while his set list relied heavily on Orange (he played every track on the album), he also dropped in tracks from his awesome nostalgia ULTRA mixtape and a handful of new songs.

It’s difficult to tell much about the new stuff, though it doesn’t seem to be straying far from what he’s known best for. Check out one of the tunes below, which for now we’ll call “All Good”:

Ocean has been hard at work on a follow-up album—as of Grammy time, he had recorded “10 or 11” songs for the new project.

Little is known about the content, though we do know that he did a song with Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore, and he has plenty of Chris Brown-related unpleasantness to draw on for inspiration.

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