Jennifer Arellano
June 26, 2013 AT 08:54 PM EDT

A roster of famous funnymen and the world’s most famous teen should yield a good show, right? Well, in comedy, sometimes logic fails. Miserably.

Take, for instance, the unaired Justin Bieber Saturday Night Live skit “Song for Daddy” (with added commentary from Bill Hader and SNL writers). The sketch goes so poorly that a moody Bieber is the least of its failures.

The plot is simple: A country-techno band (think Creedence Clearwater Revival-meets-Kool & the Gang) is the musical act on The Steve Harvey Show. Hader is the lead singer, Fred Armisen plays drums, Bobby Moynihan plays a Dr. Seuss instrument — well, you’ll see! Almost line by line, as Hader’s character tells tales of his father, the skit falls flat. Check it out below:

Also falling were the walls. On Bieber. At one point the singer, donning a shaggy wig and grumpy demeanor, has to stop a prop wall from tumbling on him. Though indiscernible from his usual paparazzi-prepped mug, “He’s really scared right there, that’s true fear,” Hader says in the video’s commentary.

In addition to Bieber’s visible discomfort playing a keyboardist, this skit is just a Human Centipede of artificially conjoined problems. There’s the mishmash of bad props (including a four-necked hot-pink guitar, kazoos, and milk), the stilted dialogue (Bieber and Hader have as much familial chemistry as the feuding Bluths), and the wrong audience (according to Hader’s commentary, it teemed with fangirls).

Hader later asks the SNL writers, “So this sketch could be described as a train wreck, right?” We’re not going to disagree.

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