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Amanda Taylor
June 26, 2013 AT 02:23 PM EDT

“My mom may have hit him, a little, with her car — but she did not kill Wilden!”

And with that, Liars, we’re off to a great start. I’m Amanda and I’ll be here to review the best quotes, ensembles and manicures of tonight’s episode of PLL. Oh and also maybe help unravel WTF is going on in Rosewood. But let’s not hold our breath.

Being an older sister, I hope to someday perfect Melissa Hastings’ “I’m giving you loving advice and care about you” face and voice while really being the most threatening, terrifying human in the room. I feel that could come in handy. And doesn’t Melissa just ooze guilt? She has her cover story all tied up with a bow – it’s too perfect.

Hey Caleb’s back! (We have to enjoy him before he heads over to Ravenswood for good.)

Spencer is going to be a detective when she grows up, right? She is brilliant and totally lives for solving mysteries. Hey, PLL folks – there’s another spinoff for you! Her trusty sidekick? Toby. These two working together totally warms my heart. Her bullish determination with his cool logic – they’re definitely going to get to the bottom of the mystery with Toby’s mom.

Aria was with Fitz for so long that it is off-putting to see her with someone else. And since this is Pretty Little Liars, I automatically don’t trust him. Plus the scene between Aria and Jake was soundtracked to be a foreshadowy, scary moment. So that’s how I read it.

Ah! Ah! I’m so suspicious of everyone! Emily’s shiny-haired doctor seems just as shifty as she does in their short and awkward exchange. How do Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer even go on in life without suspecting everyone as a member or accomplice of Red Coat’s A Team?

Outfit Watch: Hannah’s pastel floral dress and candy colored blazer were to die for! What a great outfit to bust her mom in.

Funny how Spencer won’t give up on a phone number, but when a mystery unfolds involving Emily, her mom in a severe bun, and some missing painkillers … she just walks away. This whole back-and-forth with Emily and Pam was reminiscent of their fights way back in season 1 when Emily started dating Maya.

So am I to understand that all police detectives have visually gripping webs built for all their homicide cases, with cute photos of suspects and red string connecting everyone? Because Detective Holbrook just told me “it’s how you break down a murder case, if you want to solve it.” I do know for sure that Hanna needs to get out of the police station. Not only is she on the suspect board, but Melissa just gave her two withering glares. Run, Hanna!

Oooookay, girls. Let’s think about going to a studio where a guy makes props for horror movies, in the dead of night, with no backup. Scary? The guy just asked for Emily’s face. So yeah, this is going well. (I’m glad they’re saying out loud who these masks are supposed to be because otherwise I would have no idea.)

Takeaways: Is this the season A targets mothers? I think between the birdy phone number, the masks and Hanna’s super-suspicious mom we’ve been set up for some red herrings. Personally I think it’ll be Ashley, even though I think it would be kind of exciting to find out the moms were Liars too. What do you think, PLL fans? Where will these clues lead?

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