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July 01, 2013 AT 07:00 PM EDT

The Bachelorette has entered the luxury travel portion of the season, having been to Munich last week and heading to Barcelona tonight. As last Monday’s tear-soaked promo demonstrated, this point in the season is also typically when feelings intensify and hearts get broken — and this year’s Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock seems to bring it out in the guys more than ever, says Chris Harrison.

“This season gets very emotional, and that has everything to do with Des,” notes Harrison. “These guys see that she’s a catch. They really start falling in love with this woman quickly.” He adds, “From here on out, these guys are laying it all on the line. … We definitely have some Mesnicks coming up — I don’t know if it’s a full Mesnick, but we have some pretty solid Mesnicks coming up.”

Before Harrison teases what’s to come in Spain and beyond, he sat down to take EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test. Which pop stars does he guiltily admit takes up prime real estate on his iPod? Which iconic geek franchise made its way into two of his answers? And what movie makes him do the full Mesnick? Watch below.

Harrison admits that Munich was an unexpected destination for a franchise that’s favored spots like Paris and Bali in the past. “You don’t think ‘romance’ when you’re thinking of Germany,” he says, “you’re thinking, ‘Beers! Brats! Pretzels!’ — and we had plenty of that — but it really is a romance city, and I’m glad we went there.” Though he does laugh, “There were plenty of pints going down — more so for the crew probably than for the cast. It was tough to get our crew out of the Hofbräuhaus and tell them we had to work every night.”

Tonight’s move to Barcelona sees one of this season’s emerging frontrunners gain even more prominence thanks to a slight insider advantage. “The great thing about Barcelona is… this soccer date. Juan Pablo, a professional soccer player, just happens to end up on that date,” says Harrison. “Juan Pablo got to show his stuff. Des was turned on.” Of course, the host admits, it wasn’t that hard of a sell for Hartsock to hang on to the 31-year-old Venezuelan charmer: “When Juan Pablo spoke [to Des for the first time], she was done. I loved the fact that she was, like, ‘He’s yummy. I’m keeping him around. I don’t even care if he’s nice or not. That guy’s going to be around for a little bit.'”

Juan Pablo isn’t the only guy who has slowly and steadily made his way onto Des’s radar. Harrison notes that 27-year-old mortgage broker Chris has risen to the top of the heap in the past few weeks. “[Their connection] started off a little slow, but in episode 3 you really… saw this chemistry with Chris — even the fact that Brooks came back with the mangled finger and hopped-up on Vicodin after the hospital visit [from the dodgeball date] — she still gave Chris the rose that day. I think that says a lot to their chemistry.”

As Hartsock gets nearer to hometown dates and fantasy suites, Harrison emphasizes that this season’s Bachelorette has “narrowed it down to a good group of guys, and now a key word for her is ‘chemistry.’ It is just about, ‘Do I see a future with this person? Do they really spark something in me?’ And she’s okay with commanding the moment and saying, ‘I’m not seeing this. I think you should go.'”

Whether those marching orders will apply to 27-year-old salesman (and Jeremy Jordan lookalike) James or the two other suitors planning to accuse him of using the show as a stepping stone to become the Bachelor, Harrison stayed mum. For that explosive confrontation and a chance to see Juan Pablo’s moves on the pitch, you’ll have to tune into tonight’s Bachelorette at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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