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'Big Brother': And the evicted houseguest is...



For the first time ever, three nominees sat on the chopping block tonight. Would it be Jessie, the girl who other girls hate according to Jessie, the only girl Jessie knows? Or Elissa, the sister of Rachel who have you heard is Rachel’s sister? Or Dudebro the Lifeguard, who can’t spell so good? Well, the results are in, and [SPOILERS]

it was a close vote, with Jeremy breaking away from his Moving Company allies to vote for Elissa.  But in the end, it was Dudebro, (aka David), who was evicted from the house. That breaks up one of the season’s showmances in infancy, with Aaryn kissing the lifeguard goodbye as he walked out of the house.

My full recap will be live in a few hours. For now, talk about the shenanigans below!