Hillary Busis
July 08, 2013 AT 09:18 PM EDT

Less than a week to go until we all get to yell about The Newsroom again!

In the meantime, whet your appetite for more quixotic antics, flighty women, and Internet hate with this masterful video — an expansion of Kevin Porter’s original Aaron Sorkinisms supercut, now revamped to prove that Sorkin’s latest series is also something of a Frankenstein’s monster.

For what it’s worth, Porter doesn’t actually think Sorkin is a low-down self-plagiarist. “None of this flows out of bitterness or resentment, hatred or the desire to take someone down,” he explains in a Tumblr post. “Aaron’s been incredibly kind and gracious in my correspondence with him” — do you think he remembered Kevin’s name? — “and so I owe it to him to do the same here. (as if he needed my positive affirmation).

“Take it as criticism, don’t take it as criticism, it’s entirely up to you,” he continues. “My mindset is that it’s fun, it’s playful, and at worst it’s the gentle ribbing a little brother would give the big brother he looks up to and wants to be like.”

Ah, so that’s why Porter decided to repeat himself with a second video!

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